Always chasing light

Always chasing light

tirsdag den 6. august 2013

Gallop on the beach

Sunday evening I met two ridergirls on the beach at Hou, Denmark. They enjoyed riding a late evening stroll - They and their mother thought it was a good idea, that I took some pictures of the girls on horseback, if I promised to send them copies of the edited images.

I set my camera to take action shots with a very short shutter speed, so I could freeze movement and water droplets from the horses ride in the shallows. - Unfortunately, the sky was covered with a milky layer of clouds, but you can not have optimal conditions every time. 
Here are some of the results of my spontaneous collaboration with the riders and their mother.
In fact, I believe that the two girls were friends and not sisters.

A very pleasent evening on the beach with the camera ended with the above shot of the two sweet riders in the dunes. - They get some free images, and I got some experience in shooting action photos. A win-win situation.

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