Always chasing light

Always chasing light

tirsdag den 27. august 2013

Hilly landscape

Ten days ago my wife and I spent the weekend in the danish National Park "Mols Bjerge" together with some good photo friends. - The national park was inaugurated in early 2008. It covers an area of ​​180 square kilometers, of which the protected hilly landscape is only approx. 2,500 hectares.

Mols Bjerge (Mols Hills) has great national importance as the area is unique both in terms of landscape and geology. The landscape with its rolling hills was formed during the end of the latest ice age, about ten thousand years ago.

You can read more about this beautiful landscape here: 

I hope you will enjoy the landscape captures I made. - On this occasion I had a wide-angle lens Nikon 10-24 mm for testing. - You can judge the results yourself.


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søndag den 25. august 2013

Ebeltoft - An old danish provincial town.

Last saturday I was in Ebeltoft with my camera. - It is estimated that Ebeltoft was founded around 1200, and in the year 1301 the danish king Erik Menved gave a town charter to this photogenic place. - I hope you will enjoy my images from the narrow cobbled streets with the small colored houses.

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tirsdag den 20. august 2013

On the way back ....

On the way back from a nice weekend with friends in the hills of Mols, we chose to drive on the small roads and to cross  the two fjords "Randers Fjord" and "Limfjorden" by the small ferries. - On our way back we made photo stops at the following places: Two photogenic Danish manor houses, the little fishing port "Boennerup Strand", the small ferry between Voer and Mellerup, a field with a horse with her ​​suckling foal and at last some harvested fields near Frederikshavn.

In my next blog post comming soon there will be images from the hills of Mols and the old town in Ebeltoft.
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Fishing boats and windmills at Bønnerup Strand
Meilgaard Manor House
Meilgaard Manor House
Stenalt Manor House
Small ferry crossing Randers Fjord with 3 cars (max.)
Dinghies at the small ferry landing
Suckling foal
Grain harvested
Grain harvested

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onsdag den 14. august 2013


Recently my wife and I made a trip to Hals, located at the entry of the largest fjord in Denmark, "Limfjorden". - At this narrow point passes all the ships going to or comming from Aalborg, Denmark's fourth largest city, or other harbours in the fjord. - There is also a nice little ferry, that crosses the fjord in 5-6 minutes with cars and passengers. - I took some pictures of the passing ships and the small ferry.

The little ferry
Containership comming from Greenland
A cargo ship from Malta
A tugboat

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søndag den 11. august 2013

Summer evening on the beach

Last Sunday evening I found a beautiful light on the beach at Hou in Northern Jutland, Denmark. - Although Hou is located on the east coast, there was a beautiful sky at sunset. - In some of the pictures you can see, that there is heavy rain clouds further north.

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lørdag den 10. august 2013

Summer evening light

Last sunday I was together with my wife at the small harbor in Hou, northern Denmark to take some photographs at sunset time. - As time passed, the light grew more and more soft and photo-friendly.

Incomming sailboat

Outgoing fisherman
Boat under repair

Evening light
Cyclist couple enjoying the evening light
Couple enjoying the summer evening

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